Progress Report: New Book

Since I’ve reached a stopping point with the WWI book (I need to do more battlefield research before I can go farther), I started the word-magic fantasy that’s been kicking around. 3290 words and the first three chapters kinda sketched out.

Centuries ago, invaders swept down from the eastern mountains, driven by a terror they refused to even name. They killed or enslaved all who resisted them, and renamed the land and it’s inhabitants. Now the queen rules with a firm but wise hand, and her people prosper. But strange things have begun appearing in the far northeast, and the land seems tired, the crops weaker and harvests smaller. As the queen’s hunters know, memories die very hard, and when the guardians of an ancient secret find a woman with the gifts to bring the power of the past back to life, a battle begins for the very strength of the land, pitting the queen’s hunters against the magical rebels. Little do any of them know that new names can be magical, too.

It’s a Human Wave fantasy set in a steampunkish world.