10/21 Progress Report and Reader Call

3400 words on WWI novel.

1) I need a alpha reader(s) for Fountains of Mercy, the Colplatschki novel about the Great Fires and the founding of the Babenburg family. Please contact me at AlmaTCBoykin at AOL dot com if you are interested.

2) I’m trying to decide if I want to release Elizabeth and Empire in Kindle Select or regular KDP so I can release it on Kobo and Barnes and Noble at the same time. How many of you prefer to shop through epub outlets versus using the ‘Zon? The release date is still mid November as of this moment.



One thought on “10/21 Progress Report and Reader Call

  1. One vote for ePub (Nook store or KoboBooks) here. While I can convert Kindle eBooks to ePub format, it’s one less step if I can purchase them in ePub format.

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