Book Review: Sabrina Chase – Bureau of Substandards Annual Report

What do you do when a baby kraken follows you home? Do you really want to deal with the paperwork? What if an inter dimensional portal opens up because you used the wrong pop machine? Well, to start with, you will have a lot of paperwork to fill out, all for the Bureau of Substandards. Sabrina Chase’s short story collection spins a loose outline of the follies, foibles, and fun of bureaucrats (and combat janitors), and inter-departmental dating.

I picked up the collection not long after it came out, because I’d enjoyed the first novel of the Sequoyah series.  I wasn’t so sure about the first story in this collection, but I soon got hooked. Remember the story “Alamagoosa?” Yup, they have that sort of feeling, with more bizarre bureaucratic humor, a bit like Dilbert meets chtulu, but without the existential madness and sense of doom.

Depending on how much you have worked with bureaucracies and large companies, you may find yourself laughing in the wrong places, and thinking “So that explains what happened to Gary in Accounting!” You may also never look at a stuck file cabinet in quite the same way.

I enjoyed the collection and recommend it, both as an introduction to the author, and as lighter fare for those who liked the Mage Guardian and Sequoia books.


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