Aug. 4 Progress Report and New Release News

4000 words on Peaks of Grace, plot of WWII short story sketched out.


Cities, Throngs, and Powers, a sic-fi/ not-exctly-urban-fantasy novella of an alternate future set in the Cat universe will be out on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo by Friday, August 8. A tale of honor, duty, power, and canning, Cities, Throngs, and Powers tells of Alicia Salazar and Fabian Uhuru Mills, and blood-kinship gone very wrong on the Front Range.

This is also a call for alpha readers for Blackbird, a Colplatschki novel. I need comments back by November. If you’d like to help, ping me at AlmaTCBoykin dot aol dot com. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Aug. 4 Progress Report and New Release News

    • Easy, easy there. I’ve got a “few” family trees to sort out before I get there, a world-famous library in Belgium to burn down, and a novella to get uploaded. I’ll get to WWII, just not this week. 🙂

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