Tuesday Teaser (And 6/17 Progress Report)

5200 words, two miles. From the opening chapter of Blackbird :

There is a tale from the Time of Trials that says: In the beginning, Selkow the Beautiful and Her consort danced the world into being. But his works fell short of Her perfection, and when he would not change his steps, she dismissed him. With his last dance he created the birds, and the last bird came into being black, as black as soot and a night without stars, ugly and ignorant. The other birds, offended by this disgrace, attacked the black bird, seeking to drive him away. But he fought back, scattering black feathers until at last, surrounded and alone, he lay near death. Selkow in Her mercy and grace respected his bravery and determination, flawed though he was, and set the black bird into the night sky, where he flies to this day, imperfect but courageous. Thus should all Selkow’s children respect true foes, even those who refuse to admit the error of their existence. An excerpt from “The Dance of Creation” in Tarya’s Book of Nights


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