6/16 Progress, Series Updates, and Thanks

First, thanks to everyone who has purchased my work recently. I appreciate your generosity and I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Next, a few updates on delivery schedules. If all goes well, Elizabeth of Vindobona will come out in early July, with the novella, Marie’s Tale in August. I also hope to have a larger Cat Among Dragons story pack for late July. I will try to get the libertarian fairy-tale-inspired novella out soon. Blackbird is becoming a little more complex than I’d planned (so what else is new?), and is eating all my time. At the moment it feels as if it will be longer than the other Colplatschki books. I had not planned on re-telling this historical figure’s story, but he showed up as I was pulling into the library parking lot a few months ago and gave me no choice. And the story bridges the gap between Circuits and Crises and Elizabeth’s story. Barring surprises, Elizabeth and Empire will go to the editor in late August for a late October or early November release date.

One and a quarter miles, 4400 words. All the major plot threads are now in play.