Politician, please!

I do my best to save my political comments for other blogs. But something recently set my teeth on edge and I just can’t keep my mouth shut any more. Enough with the conspiracy theories!

Dear politician, quit blaming [name] for everything that you don’t like! For the past seven or eight years, politicians and pundits have been saying that [name/s] are behind [political thing]. It doesn’t matter which party, it’s always [name] that is funding the opposition, that is keeping the American people from understanding [policy], that it is [organization]’s shadowy campaign of disinformation that explains why people don’t love [thing].

Maybe, just maybe, a lot of us are not starry-eyed and madly in wuv with [thing] because, well, we just don’t like it. Maybe it hits our wallets, or makes paperwork more complicated, or takes away [thing/service] that we do/did like. And maybe we don’t dislike you because of [—ism] but because we think your ideas stink like five-day-dead carp. It doesn’t take money from [name]’s [organization] to make us dislike you. You’re shrill/vapid/rude/patronizing/arrogant/wear too much green/hog the camera/shun the camera/ramble for hours about your grandmother’s hollyhocks/come from the West Coast/come from the Midwest/remind us of that home-room teacher we never could stand.

It’s not a conspiracy. Some of us just don’t like your ideas. Or your haircut. And that tie needs to go, as does the pastel pants suit.


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