April 23 Progress Report

1500 words, two and a half miles. Got blown off feet by wind (which is a little excessive even for out here. I mean, tumbling tumbleweeds are one thing, but tumbling teachers, really!)


2 thoughts on “April 23 Progress Report

  1. Inch and a half of snow here this morning, mostly melted by now. And the wind is just starting to pick up, nothing like yours however. Got the Ford stuck in the mud trying to get to the trees I need to deliver tomorrow, so after getting it unstuck made three trips with the Toyota, load Toyota full, drive back to rock where Ford is parked, unload Toyota, reload onto Ford; repeat. Gotta love Spring 😦

    • We were back in the low 70s today, 80s for Friday and Saturday, then upper 50s and low 60s all next week. I watched the storms boiling up southeast of here and sighed. On the other paw, I don’t mind missing out on the three inches of ping-pong-ball hail.

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