Teaser – Hubris

An Excerpt from Hubris:Rebirth of the Azdhagi.  This novel is set in the Cat Among Dragons Universe on Drakon IV, 450 years before A Cat Among Dragons. Kirlal is a forensic pathologist, Cheerka is a story-catcher with a nose for news.

(C) Alma T.C. Boykin 2014, all rights reserved.


Two days later, Kirlal heard a cough behind her and looked up from reviewing a journal file on fertility onset delays in colony-born females. Coree poked his muzzle into the doorway just far enough to hiss, “Your favorite person is here.” The he fled.

Hunh? Kirlal frowned at the strange announcement and rapid departure. Then she groaned as a burly male sauntered into the office. Cheerka didn’t even bother scratching on the door. He made himself comfortable on her spare bench and said, “So, any news?”


“The peace keepers are looking for Four Claw again. Heard a rumor that one of his messengers turned up dead.”

“And the sun rises in the east,” Kirlal muttered. “If you are referring to the male found deceased two days ago, the official autopsy results will be released to the public pending notification of any known lineage members following identification of the male in question.”

Cheerka snorted. “How much less interesting would your life be if people carried their identification with them when they died?”

Kirlal snorted in turn. “About twenty percent. If you see Four Claws, ask him to leave a name tag with his next former employee.”

“If I see Four Claws again, the next time you meet me will be in your autopsy chamber,” Cheerka reminded the pathologist. He changed tracks. “Any official comment on the body that the juniors pulled out of the harbor at Seagate?” The story-catcher pulled a voice recorder out of his carry-pack and waited, talon poised, to hit “record.”

“I will have to refer you to Tsae. He has access to extra-district records and reports,” Kirlal reminded her unwanted visitor.

“You are no help today, Kirlal,” the male grumbled. “How about something on the rumor that a suspiciously high number of juniors are dying in the cities. Any chemical spills, someone sneak back from the colonies on vacation without going through deconn, new animal at the zoo?”

The female hesitated before shrugging her tail. “Nothing from me. You have access to the records, you go hunting.”