Next Books: Progress Report

The next Cat Among Dragons story set, a four pack with a bonus chapter from the forthcoming novel, Hubris, should be out next weekend on Amazon, with ePub versions coming a little later. Joschka makes a fateful decision, Rada gets a new job, and in the process makes a bargain that will cost her far more than she imagines.

My copy editor is about half way through the next book in the Cat Among Dragons universe, and I’m working with the cover art designer on something that should work for this novel and the sequel.

I’ve started writing the fifth Colplatschki novel, tentatively entitled Circuits and Crises. I’ve sketched out the major plot points, so now I’m finishing some background research as I write the early chapters. It is set in the Eastern Empire and Scheel, roughly a hundred years before Elizabeth von Sarmas was born.

The alt-hist WWI novel, set in the Cat universe, is on hold until the Colplatschki book is done and several reference books are published this spring. As an aside, it’s difficult to find even German-language sources about the Eastern Front in WWI, let alone English.  I’ve got the historic alterations that I need to do already worked out, but I need a lot more of the details of the fighting and topography before I’m comfortable enough to sit down and write.