Welcome To Cat Rotator’s Quarterly

Greetings and Salutations! You’ve reached Alma Boykin’s (also known as TXRed) blog. This is where I will post updates about books and stories in progress, muse on writing and life in general, opine over things I know nothing about, and commit bad puns. If you were looking for, oh, say, brilliant and witty commentary and observations about critical issues of deep philosophical meaning, I’m sorry, you found the wrong blog.

So, a few basics. I will try to update three times a week or more, unless life happens. Comments will be moderated until I know I can trust you not to: spam me about handbags from China, insult my choices in religion and politics, swear unless it is really necessary, or make sexually explicit comments. This is a business blog as well as a personal one. Would you walk into a bookstore, chat up the clerk and then swear so loudly that the dear little ladies back in the Sweet Romance section clap their hands over their ears and parents clutch their small children while fleeing from the shop? Didn’t think so.

Stories posted her in excerpt or in their entirety are mine. Read, enjoy, but don’t steal, please. Or I will track you down, scratch up your car, turn over your outhouse, change your voice mail message, and cover your front yard with election signs for random politicians who may or may not be from your state.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Welcome To Cat Rotator’s Quarterly

  1. Can i insult your choices in handbags, spam you about religion and politics,makes sexually explicit swears and sexual comments when absolutely necessary? 🙂

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